iPhone Developers Conference
iPhone Developers Conference


Aaron Hillegass
Aaron Hillegass has more than 20 years of experience as a software engineer. He wrote the Big Nerd Ranch course on Cocoa, drawing from his experiences as a trainer and curriculum developer at Apple Computer, Inc. and NeXT Software, Inc. Aaron is the author of Cocoa® Programming for Mac® OS X, 3rd Edition. This book is generally regarded as "The Book" from which to learn Cocoa programming. He is the creator of Campwhere, an iPhone application for finding campgrounds.

SESSION(S): Keynote Address: Independence vs. Interdependence

Alexandre Ackermans
Alex began coding shareware applications for the Mac OS X platform in 2001 before putting his Masters/Computer Science Degree to work on fingerprint recognition algorithms and biometrics technology at Zetes, a large European supplier of identity solutions. He began creating and publishing his own iPhone applications in 2008, launching a series of apps for creating travel guides. Alex architected the Xomo Event Guide and Live Experience products and has been involved in rolling out the products for a variety of large events including the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and large festivals around the world.

SESSION(S): Localizing iOS Apps

Andrew Donoho
Andrew Donoho has a small mobile device consulting firm, Donoho Design Group, L.L.C., which concentrates on iPhone development. He has personally developed two REST based applications: weLost™ and ch@tter™. This work is the natural extension of his over 25 year history of developing with Apple technologies. He has experience in developing 3D visualization software, designing hardware, and crafting web standards. He is trained in experimental physics with a degree from the University of Texas at Austin and lives in Austin with his wife.

SESSION(S): A RESTful Architecture for Cocoa: Pragmatic and Robust Code

Ben Newhouse
Ben Newhouse created Yelp Monocle - the first US iPhone implementation of Augmented Reality on the app store. With the overwhelming, unexpected positive response Ben decided that augmented reality held too much potential to not pursue its uses full time. In June, Ben completed his bachelors in electrical engineering from Stanford and simultaneously quit Yelp to co-found Aria Glassworks to "figure out" where the intersection between technology and mobility create billion dollar businesses (based on augmented reality). Aria Glassworks aims to make the virtual tangible through synergistic advances between computer vision and interface design. Ben has been coding since first grade and hence has a broad programming background in everything from networking to web development to artificial intelligence to Android and iPhone development.

SESSION(S): Bringing Magic to iOS with Augmented Reality

Bill Van Hecke
Bill is User Experience Lead at the Omni Group, one of the world’s most accomplished and affable Mac and iOS developers. His is the nebulous job of making software civilized enough to bring out in public. This involves lots of squinting six inches away from the Cinema Display at 3200% zoom and consulting etymology dictionaries to properly label buttons. It often ends up entwined with documentation, marketing, quality assurance, customer support, and Dungeon Mastering too.

Before Seattle, he lived near Chicago, where he wrote odd code for companies on the Board of Trade, and in Green Bay, where he operated nocturnally for a year. He also spends a prodigious amount of time in Tokyo, and has learned exotic foreign languages such as Dvorak, Python, and New Standard Tuning.

When not shoveling pixels or graphemes, Bill likes creating video games, translating video games, and, occasionally, playing video games.

SESSION(S): Designing Graceful, Gracious Interfaces for iPad

Cathy Shive
Cathy is a Senior Cocoa Developer at Sofa, B.V., a two-time Apple Design Award winning Mac software company. Before joining Sofa, she worked as a Cocoa engineer and interface designer for Box, LLC, a leading photography studio in the New York fashion industry, where she worked on large-scale, professional digital image workflows. She was first drawn to the Mac platform developing her Masters thesis in Communication Design and Technology from the Parsons School of Design in New York City. Cathy met her husband, Dirk, at a WWDC beer bash in 2007. They live in Amsterdam with their many Macs, iPhones and iPads.

SESSION(S): Mixing Metaphors: A Look at Realism in Interface Design

Chris Adamson
Chris Adamson is a Mac and iPhone developer, editor, and author, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the author of QuickTime for Java: A Developer's Notebook (O'Reilly) and co-author of iPhone SDK Development (Pragmatic Programmers) and the upcoming Core Audio (Addison-Wesley Professional). He has several apps on the App Store, including the navigation app "Road Tip". He maintains a corporate identity as "Subsequently & Furthermore, Inc.", and has thus far owned 11 ½ Macs.

SESSION(S): Mastering Media with AV Foundation

Chris Clark
Chris Clark is chief nitpicker at iOS app-house Black Pixel and has been practicing interaction design his entire adult life. On iOS he's been involved in some of the most-downloaded and highest-grossing products in the platform's history, and spends most of his day sketching app interfaces into a notebook and filing bugs on table cell deselection. In years past he studied linguistics and mined gold in the Australian outback. He currently lives in San Francisco.

SESSION(S): Custom Controls: NO, NO, NO, NO, MAYBE

Christian Hofstader
Chris Hofstader has been a software engineer for about 30 years. Along with Richard Stallman, he co-founded the League for Programming Freedom (http://progfree.org/) and supported himself making mostly proprietary software. Chris had a moderate to severe vision impairment until he was about 35 when he slid into profound blindness. He then took a job at the company that makes the most popular proprietary software used by people with vision impairment, believing incorrectly that a well funded, profit oriented company would be able to make the best software for people with disabilities. Chris left that job about six years ago and has been working in the research and development areas of access technology since.

SESSION(S): Creating Accessible Applications

Chuck Toporek
Chuck Toporek has been a Mac user since 1988, and has been working in publishing since 1987. With over 20 years in the industry, Chuck has seen one major technology change (from paste-up to DTP), and has been readily preparing for the next paradigm shift: the end of print books as we know them.

SESSION(S): The Future of the Book

SESSION(S): Panel: My Year of Going Indie

Daniel Pasco
Daniel Pasco is the CEO of Black Pixel, an iPhone software company in Seattle, Washington. He studied mathematics and astronautical engineering in college and got his start writing software for several different spacecraft in the Mars Surveyor and Discovery programs.

SESSION(S): Custom Controls: NO, NO, NO, NO, MAYBE

Danielle Reubenstein
Danielle Reubenstein is a graphic designer and business woman who finds joy in creating smartphone applications that are functional and beautiful. Danielle began her career attending the University of Colorado - Denver where she studied cinematography before discovering her passion for graphic design and application development. As the President of Xcellent Creations, Inc., a Colorado-based application development firm, Danielle has designed many successful applications for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms for various high profile clients. Along with development, Danielle is also proficient in many other aspects of graphic design such as print, web and video graphics.

Danielle and her husband, Ben, live in Denver, Colorado, and in August of 2010 welcomed their first child, Griffin, who will shortly join the company as Chief Baby Officer (CBO) in charge of finger-painting. Danielle continues to strive to create the best applications possible for a wide range of audiences.

SESSION(S): Creating Assistive Applications With iOS

Dave Howell
Dave Howell is the CEO of Avatron Software, the company that developed the popular Air Display and Air Sharing apps. Before founding Avatron, Dave led or managed Mac software development teams for twenty years, including several years as a senior engineering manager in Apple's Applications division. At Apple, he managed the LiveType engineering team and the FxPlug SDK, and contributed to Final Cut Pro, Motion, Aperture, and the iWork suite. Dave has bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Music from Case Western Reserve University, and an MBA from Cornell University. Dave lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two sons.

SESSION(S): iOS Document Sharing

Erica Sadun
Erica Sadun is the bestselling author, co-author and contributor to over two dozen books on programming, digital video and photography and web design, including the widely popular The iPhone Developer's Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone 3.0 SDK, 2nd Edition. She has blogged for TUAW.com, Mac Devcenter and Ars Technica.

In addition to being the author of more than a dozen iPhone-native applications, Erica holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech's Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center. A geek, a programmer, and an author, she's never met a gadget she didn't love. When not writing, she and her geek husband parent three adorable geeks-in-training, who regard their parents with restrained bemusement.

SESSION(S): Reaching Your Audiences with Video Out

Graham Lee
Graham Lee is a software security expert, and Mac and iOS software engineer, from the UK. He is the author of Professional Cocoa Application Security and writes for the Mac Developer Network on security issues. His career has indeed careered, going from academia via telecoms and anti-virus software to videoconferencing, asset management and whatever he'll be up to next week. Graham uses his postgraduate qualification in software security to help other developers understand infosec issues, and his physics degree to write software for particle accelerators. In his spare time, he thinks of witty things to write in the "what he does in his spare time" section of conference bios. It doesn't always work out. Graham can be found on Twitter as @iamleeg.

SESSION(S): Security and Encryption

SESSION(S): STAssertTrue(thisThing.state == NSOnState, @"Testing: is this thing on?")

Jeff LaMarche
Jeff LaMarche is a programmer, author, and instructor currently focused on the iOS SDK used to program for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Jeff was the lead technical author on two iPhone books: Beginning iPhone 3 Development and More iPhone 3 Development, both written with Dave Mark and published by Apress. He's also a contributing author to Learn Cocoa on the Mac, also published by Apress. He is currently writing a book on OpenGL ES 2.0 for the Pragmatic Programmers and also maintains one of the most widely read iPhone software development blogs at http://iphonedevelopment.blogspot.org. Jeff has also written articles for Apple's ADC website, teaches iPhone programming workshops, and speaks at several conferences every year. He currently lives in rural Central New York with his wife, four kids, and a dog.

SESSION(S): Multitasking the iOS Way

SESSION(S): OpenGL ES: From 1.1 to 2.0 - Introduction to the Programmable Pipeline

Jeff Powers
With co-founder Vikas Reddy, Jeff led the development of RedLaser, the iPhone's most successful barcode scanning application. After selling over two-million copies, Occipital sold RedLaser to eBay in June, but remained independent to focus on new computer vision technologies. Since then, the company has released ClearCam, a multiframe resolution-enhancing app, and 360 Panorama, an app that makes panorama capture instantaneous.

SESSION(S): From Jenga to Augmented Reality: CoreMotion and the Gyroscope

Jessica Kahn
Jessica Kahn is Vice President of Engineering for Tapulous, a Palo Alto-based start-up company acquired by Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG) in July 2010. A veteran of the high tech industry, Jessica leads all engineering and operations and drives the strategy and execution behind product development of social games and apps for the iPhone, most notably Tap Tap Revenge, the #1 iPhone game, accounting for over a billion games played to-date and turning Tapulous into a highly profitable company. Prior to her work at Tapulous, Jessica spent close to 10 years in software engineering at Apple, working as both a Manager, and an Engineer on the Safari team. During her time at Apple, Jessica was listed as inventor on several US patents. Jessica has been a guest lecturer at the Stanford iPhone class and given keynote talks at iPhone developer conferences. Jessica is a Dartmouth graduate.

SESSION(S): Connecting Your Players: Using Game Center to Drive Virality and Engage Users

Kirby Turner
Kirby Turner is an independent software developer from Salem, Massachusetts, and Chief Code Monkey for his company, White Peak Software Inc, which he founded in 2003. He has been programming professionally for more than 25 years and programming for fun even longer. Kirby’s latest passion is iOS and Mac OS X programming, which he gravitated towards after becoming a Mac user in 2007. Kirby is currently working on a number of iPhone and iPad applications, and he is writing a new book titled Learning iPad Programming, A Hands-On Guide to Building Apps for the iPad. When Kirby is not sitting behind the keyboard, he's enjoying time with his wife and son, backpacking, hiking, and snowboarding.

SESSION(S): Universal Application Design: Reaching the Widest Audience

Kyle Kinkade
Kyle Kinkade has been working with the iPhone SDK since day one. He has helped design some of the most recognizable iPhone UIs in the app world, including some for Tapulous for their Tap Tap Revenge series. He currently owns a multi-touch UI design company in Seattle called Monster Costume Inc.

SESSION(S): Multi-touch: The Next Wheel of User Interface

Matt Long
Matt Long is an independent iPhone/Mac OS developer. He is the co-author of Core Animation: Simplified Animation Techniques for Mac and iPhone Development. He is also the administrator and co-contributor to the popular Mac OS and iPhone development blog, Cocoa Is My Girlfriend. Matt has been developing software professionally since 1999. He began his programming career using perl to develop web applications and is known on the web as the @perlmunger. Matt is married with five kids. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

SESSION(S): Surprised by Core Animation

Michael Daley
By day Mike Daley works for the largest enterprise software company in the world whilst by night his alter ego writes computer games for his children. Mike started writing games soon after getting his first computer in 1983 and has been an avid gamer ever since. He has worked in IT for more than 17 years, spending a significant amount of this time as a developer.

The release of the iPhone reignited the passion he'd had way back in the 80's, when a single person could create an entire game. Having experimented and prototyped on the iPhone since its release, Mike's book Learning iPhone Game Programming: A Hands-on Guide to Building Your First iPhone Game, publishing this summer, will be a unique journey into game development.

SESSION(S): Moving to 3D

Mike Lee
Legendary product engineer and World's Toughest Programmer Mike Lee (@bmf) has worked on apps for Alaska Airlines, Delicious Monster, Tapulous, United Lemur, Apple, and Nextive, producing such hits as Delicious Library, Tap Tap Revenge, Obama '08, and Apple's Mobile Store. His goal is to save Madagascar, his homepage is at le.mu.rs, and he has the world's largest collection of plush prosimians. In his spare time he races cars, flies airplanes, plays guitar, drinks single-malt scotch, and surfs.

Mike lives in Silicon Valley, California, and is currently taking a year off to follow in the path of Paul Erdős—traveling the world, collaborating with colleagues, and writing about Life, the App Store, and Everything.

SESSION(S): Keynote: Making Apps That Don't Suck

Nary Lakshmanan
Narayanan (Nary) Lakshmanan has been writing software professionally for the greater part of 18 years. He’s certainly come a long way since his early experiments with punch cards. His first real job was writing three-dimensional engineering and CAD software for the oil industry. He then moved into writing Mac software for Alsoft. Over the years, Nary moved from consumer space to enterprise space. He weaved his way through banking and finance software, database monitoring software, and various other nifty backend stuff. Nary moved into iPhone programming the day the iPhone SDK was made available and hasn’t looked back since. He has also architected, designed, and developed a number of mobile apps on a variety of other platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. Nary is already working hard to bring the next generation of mobile apps to market. As Principal Mobile Software Architect at Pearson Education, he leads the charge to redefine the tools we will use for teaching and learning.

SESSION(S): iOS in the Classroom

Robert Clair
Robert Clair holds a B.A. in Physics from Oberlin College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley. He has more than twenty years experience in commercial software development, working mainly in CAD, modeling, and graphics. For the last seven years he has worked primarily in Objective-C on the Mac and now on the iPhone. Among other programs, he has written ZeusDraw, a vector drawing program for Mac OS X, and ZeusDraw Mobile, a drawing and painting program for the iPhone.

He is the author of the forthcoming Addison-Wesley book, Learning Objective-C 2.0: A Hands-On Introduction to Objective-C for Mac and iPhone OS Developers. Robert lives in New York City where he is the principal of Chromatic Bytes, LLC, an independent software company.

SESSION(S): Around the Block with Blocks

Rod Strougo
Rod is the founder and lead developer of the studio Prop Group. Rod's journey in physics and games started way back with an Apple ][, writing games in Basic. From the early passion in games, Rod's career moved to enterprise software development; he spent 10 years writing software for IBM and recently for a large telecom company. Rod's dinner conversations are much easier nowadays. Instead of trying to explain a J2EE asset management system, he simply pulls out his iPhone and starts showing Prop's games. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rod lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and son. Rod is currently writing Learning Cocos2D - A Hands on Guide to Building iPhone and iPad Games with Cocos2D, Box2D, and Chipmunk.

SESSION(S): Using Cocos2D for Game Development

Steve Kochan
Stephen Kochan is the author and coauthor of several bestselling titles on the C language, including Programming in C (Sams, 2004), Programming in ANSI C (Sams, 1994), and Topics in C Programming (Wiley, 1991), as well as several Unix titles, including Exploring the Unix System (Sams, 1992) and Unix Shell Programming (Sams 2003). He has been programming on Macintosh computers since the introduction of the first Mac in 1984, and he wrote Programming in C for the Mac as part of the Apple Press Library. He maintains a web site and support forum for Programming in Objective-C 2.0 at classroomM.com/objective-c

SESSION(S): Really, Really, Understanding Memory Management

Tristan O'Tierney
Tristan is the lead iOS developer at Square, Inc. Before Square, Tristan worked on Yahoo! Messenger, Safari, VMware Fusion, the Obama '08 iPhone app, and the first location based twitter client Twinkle at Tapulous. He's also well known for his online Objective-C tutorial and has enjoyed hacking on projects like FlickrBooth for fun in his spare time. Tristan lives in foggy San Francisco and enjoys spirited driving around the beautiful Bay Area mountains with his fiance, dog, and cat (named Darwin, after the OS).

SESSION(S): Manufacturing Lust: Designing Hardware Accessories for iOS